Tuesday, July 18, 2006

STL Filmmakers' Showcase

In my quest to find a new local (and to review bars for my other blog), I skipped into the Famous Bar on Chippewa last week. Instead of what I was looking for, I found Mickey McTague, an old guy who might be one of my new favorite people. Mickey McTague kept me laughing and thinking. A stand-up comic of some sort, he has worked in the sheriff's office for years and seems to have his hand on the pulse of STL. Over an afternoon cocktail, Mickey and I discussed politics, racism, education, writing, and film. And, as it turns out, he is the star of a new Bruce Marren documentary (of Gaslight Square doc fame), Called "At Large With Mickey McTague", the doc (28 min.) will be screened next Tuesday, July 25 at 5pm at the Tivoli in the Loop. Situated with two other short docs as part of a character sketch grouping, the McTague film is part of the STL Filmmaker's showcase.

Right after Mickey's film is a brilliant little mockumentary by our friend Daniel Bowers. Starring George Malich, Ray Brewer, Tony Miller and a host of other local actors whom we have worked with, "A: Anonymous" is the little engine that could story of a group of misfits who get together to form their own self-help group. I've worked with Dan Bowers before, and anything that comes from him has a tendency to shine and shine big. With a background in documentary filmmaking, Bowers has a knack for reading characters and finding charm within their quirks and pecularities. "A" will screen at 7pm on July 25 at the Tivoli.

Tickets for both films are available at the Tivoli box office. Individual screenings are $9. STL has proven over and over to have a fantastic filmmaking community. The Filmmakers' Showcase is well worth checking out-- both to be entertained, as well as to support the talent and creativity of those who create within our city.

Viva la local film!

more ticket and screening information at www.landmarktheatres.com

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