Saturday, January 24, 2009

Take that, Miami!

Remember when St. Louis was the fattest city? (We were also the most dangerous and the happiest, so figure that out.) A new study by Men's Health ranks Miami the fattest city, and St Louis as the #16 Fittest City. That's fit, as in healthy, not fat. Hurrah! So keep hitting the park and riding your bike to work. We're coming up in the world.

Read the list here.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

On the Road to the Inauguration

Check out Rob Thurman, Lori White, Steve Smith, and others from the St. Louis as they travel to DC for Obama's Inauguration. Videos of the trip out, commentary by the travelers, and lots of Tweets have been posted. To get the latest video-blogs by Smith and interviews of folks from St Louis in DC, check out the St Louis Beacon.

For other information on great events occurring in STL this week, check out the St Louis Activist Hub on Facebook (click here).

For MLK Day events and other political goings-on and celebrations this week, check out STL events list, week of Jan. 19.

Lots to celebrate, lots to learn. Talk to your neighbors and each other. See what this week means to those around you, and share your perceptions. I'm excited. It's going to be a great week.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Misc and Sundry...

1. I have been completely overwhelmed at work the last couple of weeks, and am starting to teach all my new media classes this week. So... it'll likely be another week before I can devote much time to good blogging. Bear with me.

2. [edited for irrelevance]

3. Birthday coming, so as usual, I have a list of all the fun things I want to do in STL this next year. Will be posting it soon. I'm also accepting suggestions for fun.

4. I'm returning to my old post (kind of) at the Royale for one day. I'm hosting the Inauguration Day Celebration on Tuesday. So, if you have the day off of work like we do, come on down and join us for some political poetry, an Obama Haiku competition (because it's me and I'm a nerd), some awesome music, $2.50 Missouri drafts, and lots of fun.

5. So I've been doing these resume seminars every other week in response to our crappy economy. The awesome thing is we've had great turnout. There aren't many places where someone can go for free advice. My email inboxes have also been flooded, and while it's difficult to respond to resumes over email, it's still better than nothing. Point is, most people have the same issues. I am considering a series of posts on resume writing. Is this helpful? If so, send me some questions and I'll pull it all together.

Sorry for the houskeeping-type list. Sometimes, it's how the brain works best.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tim's Chrome Bar

I was just thinking about where I should have my Monday night drink, and a connection struck in my head: Tim's Chrome Bar. For whatever reason, I have found myself talking about this southside oldie-but-goodie a few times in the past couple weeks. Today, as I devoured my burrito at El Burrito Loco, I mentioned it again and then drove home that way just to see it shining there, across from the Bevo.

Tim's Chrome Bar is not necessarily the place to go for a killer beer, but it is great if you like people. I first went in there a few years ago when I was reviewing it, and it's stayed on my list for a while. Located at Gravois and Morgan Ford, the Chrome Bar is in an awesome part of town. The clientele is diverse in every way. On the edge of Little Bosnia on the southside, the customers tend more towards middle age in and unassuming way. Despite the rhinestone studded martini glasses on the back bar, there aren't a lot of fancy martinis here. Some karaoke, some cover bands on the weekends, long hair and Miller Lites. There's a dance floor where people dance to Guns n' Roses and Toby Keith country.

Flanking the dance floor/ stage are mirrors and then lit glass covered in the silhouettes of voluptuous women, a la the mud flaps on the back of a truck. The bar staff has always been awesome and friendly. Rail drinks hover around a couple of bucks, making a double-fisted round of a bourbon, a beer, and a tip run about $6.

It's really just a great southside bar, and well worth it. And if you're lookin' for a little dinner on the way, hit up Primo on Morgan Ford, just north of Chippewa. Not a lot of English, but a whole lot of great food, excellent service, and very well priced. Exceptional food really-- choose your dish and then pick your meat, including brains and tongue, if memory serves-- always a sign of deliciousness.

Tim's Chrome Bar
4736 Gravois Ave
St Louis, MO 63116
(314) 353-8138

Primo Taqueria
3642 Morganford Rd
St. Louis, MO 63116

El Burrito Loco
3611 Bates St
St Louis, MO 63116
(314) 457-8600

(BTW, the Loco has $1.99 margs from 3-6pm on Monday and Tuesday. Go.)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Resume Clinic at Royale Tuesday, Jan. 13 from 2-5pm

If you missed the Resume Clinic that Steve Smith and I ran at the Royale on Dec. 29, you still have another chance to come on down and get some free resume advice. Whether you have an old resume you want to update, or need a new one to attract better employment, bring it to the Royale with your questions. We had a great turn out last time, and from that we learned that we need to ask people to reserve a slot so we can get to everyone in a timely manner. Below is the invite as Steve wrote it, as well as a link to a video about the previous clinic. If you have questions or want to reserve a spot, call the Royale at 314.772.3600.

The Royale continues the Resume Clinic again this Tuesday the 13th of January from 2-5pm with Allison Trombley, who has helped over 200 people to build better resumes. If you currently have a resume, bring it along; if you don't, come with information about your previous employment. Clinic will contain general information as well as 15 minute one-on-one advice sessions. Start the new year with new prospects, and work on it all while drinking a beer and slurping some soup. Come and sign in for a consultation, or email back to reserve a time.

Everyone coming in for the resume clinic or joining in the topic of conversation will receive a free Missouri brewed beer- just see me when you get here. This week's topic at the bar will address to the layoffs in the news business. Just as the beer business, the news business is also dear to my heart. I worked for the Post-Dispatch for years as a street corner newsboy(check out the wall of Newsboy photos in the bar.) I am saddened to see the layoffs in the news departments that give NEWSpapers their name. The industry is changing, and those working in the business are trying to adjust, so the topic of discussion will be Saint Louis news gathering/analysis/investigation, and how this much needed profession can continue in this changing world.

KSDK story/ video on the last clinic. This was picked up on CNN, as well as local ABC affiliates all over the nation, and in a number of online sources.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

South Side Vs. CWE

It's a City Smackdown, and I plan on sitting front row. Wednesday, Jan. 7 Brennan's in the Central West End is hosting a debate: Which is Better? South City or the Central West End? In the end, the audience votes for the winner.

This is no ordinary debate. Despite having two very intelligent men arguing the finer points (Kevin Brennan for the CWE and Steve Smith for the South Side), I don't think we will be seeing Lincoln-Douglas style debate. (And if you know me, you understand my relief...) For several years, 1 Wednesday a month, Kevin Brennan has been running these debates where people ponder the virtues of Ketchup Vs. Mustard, and other age-old rivalries. The back-and-forth is clever, intelligent, always funny, and generally lively. I've known both Brennan and Smith for years, and I am not sure who has the edge on this one. I know the South Side rocks, but we'll have to see how it gets argued.

Hit up Brennan's on Wed. night to see all it all happens and use your voice to settle the argument: South Side or Central West End?

Brennan's (near Euclid and Maryland)
Wednesday Debate: 8pm Jan. 7, 2008
4659 Maryland Ave, St Louis - (314) 361-9444

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dogtown Allstars, Books, Chess, Holgas, and Polka

I've been under a rock the last few weeks, so maybe I am the last to know about these two cool events. It's entirely possible. But were you to still be out in the cold, then this might interest you (or serve as a reminder of the coolness you don't want to miss).

Monday, Jan. 5, 7-8:30pm at the Central Library Branch (downtown)
Not So Quiet Concert Series Featuring the Dogtown Allstars

Ha-zizzle! I finally get to see these cats. I've been trying and missing the Dogtown Allstars their past few shows, but I shall put an end to that tomorrow. This event is free, and it's at the library, which is awesome on so many levels. And, since it's on a Monday, there are two bonuses: 1.) I get to go. 2.) The library also sponsors chess games on Monday nights. So, if you're a super geek like me who thinks chess is awesome, you can swing on down, hear some tunes and then play mind games. And you don't even have to play evil mind games-- just chess.

Friday, Jan. 9, 5:30-7:30 at RAC
(U City Loop, on Delmar east of Skinker)
Holga Polka Invitational

Here's the deal: 42 local artists (and some other folks, including local writers) were asked to take pictures with Holga cameras. I have become a big fan of these things since seeing some of the gorgeous work that is produced from such a simple machine. And I am always a sucker for images of our fair city, especially those captured by its inhabitants. And... there's polka. You may not know this about me, but in fifth grade when I played the clarinet, I loved playing polkas. It was the closest to feeling like a rock star that I ever came. So, between the photos and the polka that will be on display (and free) for your eyes and ears on Friday, I am feeling very excited. Should be good.

Holga Polka Info
SLPS Library Events
Dogtown Allstars

Friday, January 02, 2009

French to run for 21st Ward Alderman

Power to the people. I woke up this morning to check my Twitter updates and saw that Antonio French, Mr. PubDef himself, is running for 21st Ward Alderman. The 21st Ward is mostly north of Natural Bridge, west of Vandeventer, and east of Shreve up to 70. That includes the west side of Fairgrounds Park, the area around Red Bones Den, and lots of other neighborhoods. Having taught on the northside for several years, these are the wards that need great leadership-- not great politicians, but great people. I am excited to see Mr. French's dedication and hope we can all help get him elected.

Check out his announcement. And then while you're at it, stay and read a little on PubDef if you're not familiar. Some of the best local education coverage and politics. You'll see why I am so excited.