Thursday, January 15, 2009

Misc and Sundry...

1. I have been completely overwhelmed at work the last couple of weeks, and am starting to teach all my new media classes this week. So... it'll likely be another week before I can devote much time to good blogging. Bear with me.

2. [edited for irrelevance]

3. Birthday coming, so as usual, I have a list of all the fun things I want to do in STL this next year. Will be posting it soon. I'm also accepting suggestions for fun.

4. I'm returning to my old post (kind of) at the Royale for one day. I'm hosting the Inauguration Day Celebration on Tuesday. So, if you have the day off of work like we do, come on down and join us for some political poetry, an Obama Haiku competition (because it's me and I'm a nerd), some awesome music, $2.50 Missouri drafts, and lots of fun.

5. So I've been doing these resume seminars every other week in response to our crappy economy. The awesome thing is we've had great turnout. There aren't many places where someone can go for free advice. My email inboxes have also been flooded, and while it's difficult to respond to resumes over email, it's still better than nothing. Point is, most people have the same issues. I am considering a series of posts on resume writing. Is this helpful? If so, send me some questions and I'll pull it all together.

Sorry for the houskeeping-type list. Sometimes, it's how the brain works best.

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