Monday, December 29, 2008

Free Resume Writing Clinic

Okay my friends, I am giving a free resume writing clinic at the Royale from Noon-4pm on Monday, December 29. We're in tough times and many of us have been laid off, or are looking to go back to work, or switch industries, or just plain seeking a better deal. We should all have a current and stellar resume on hand. Swing by the Royale (3132 S. Kingshighway) on Monday at noon for a Resume Clinic, free and open to the public. This is in conjunction with the owner, Steve Smith, offering free pints of Missouri microbrews to laid-off AB workers. Additionally, there are specials on Schlafly products and soups-- yummy and affordable for all. So swing on down to the Southside and work on your resume. I have worked on over 200 resumes in the past few years and have a pretty great track record. Bring your current resume, your questions, and a desire to talk about the current beer industry in STL.

Hope to see you there.

Fox 2 News Story on Resume Clinic (You can still come even if not in the brewing industry.)

Royale Food and Spirits
3132 S. Kingshighway
St Louis, MO 63139

Resume Writing Clinic
December 29, Noon-4pm
Beer and Soup Specials
One-on-one appointments, time permitting

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dapper Dan's to close

Tonight (Saturday) is the final night for Dapper Dan's. Got the email from Steve this morning and scurried on home a little early so I could swing by and pay my respects. So many great STL establishments have shuttered their doors for the last time this past year or 18 months. Makes patronizing the great ones that much more important.

I'm sure I'll write more about Dapper Dan's in the coming days, but if you get a chance, swing by tonight. Totally worth the trip. Tucker and Washington, downtown, (on the east side of Tucker).

Bill McClellan's column from the STL Post on Dapper Dan's

Friday, December 19, 2008

Don Beasley Says You Should Listen To This

So, a few weeks back, I trolled my talented and knowledgeable friends for some recommendations on local music. Don Beasley responded from Kansas City with a fantastic list, which I will re-post below just as he sent it. Now, I always feel it's important to get a sense of who's doing the recommending in order to decide whether or not I want to take their advice. So for those of you who don't know, Don is a musician (St. Louis projects included Corbeta Corbata and Nerve Parade). Though he tends to traffic in punk rock, Don's musical taste is wide and varied, as evidenced by all the awesome mix tapes he used to make for me consisting mostly of soul, jazz, and old-school blues and funk. Sure, he threw in the occasional Pixies song, but that was more for my edification. In addition to ripping up the stage, Mr. Beasley is also a crazy talented artist and a really good haiku writer. He's a little obsessed with Elvis. And, my favorite part is he always wears all black (excepting the occasional punk rock shirt) with his pants legs rolled up just enough to reveal white socks. Those eccentricities might not seem to add up, but they've always proven to contribute to someone whose taste I trust, so here's what he thinks you should be listening to (and buying) this holiday season. All of the below CD's, except In Media Res, can be found locally at Vintage Vinyl or Euclid Records. The other's a little more difficult, but you like a challenge.

The List, dispatched from KC

Hello hello!
I have over 700 copies of the first Corbeta Corbata album that anyone anywhere can use as stocking stuffers. I mean with the price of coal nowadays...
The Bert Dax x-mas comps he puts out usually have great songs. As lame as it might sound one of the best local cd's i listened to was the 52nd City Sound Issue they put out. The Eric hall recordings are quite amazing and that's on there! but here's a list of my favorite St. Louis albums:
Chuck Berry - The Great 28 (watch the movie Hail Hail Rock and Roll)
Ike and Tina Turner - The Great Sounds of... (Any greatest hits will do)
Bunnygrunt - Karen Haters Club (now on 10inch record... impress your friends with that.)
Humanoids - Are Born (great catchy songs... makes you move)
Pokey LaFarge - Beat, Move and Shake (in fact check out Big Muddy Records. all St. Louis old tyme kinda roots blues get down and dirty kinda good fun thumpin' and bumpin' dancing on graves with a bottle of bad ideas, broken guitars and that heylordymamamamagetupand go kinda stuff... Praise the lard!)
In Medias Res - s/t (the best band to ever sit on there thumbs)
Nineteen - Tearing Me Apart (Kinda sounds like Rancid but a lot more tough and no ska parts! ANd a plus of getting that cd is you get 95% of everything they ever put out. it's quite an undertaking to get through but anything worth it usually is! Could be one of the best punk bands ever to come outta st. louis... well a punk band i wasn't in anway!)
Another good present would be to take someone to see The Livers. 4 members preformed by two. Want to know how it works... go see them! ANd force Irine Allen... or Green to put out an album and then give that to people! I hope this helps out a little bit. Well for x-mas im making a mixdisc boxed set for people. a 4 cd set to show people what i listen to and from early in life up to now.
Duty now for the future,
Don Beasley

RFT info on Bert Dax Christmas shows

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


For the last few months, I have been declaring that TV is dead... mostly because mine is. I recently was the recipient of my parents' old TV, so my broken down old picture tube (which also weighs about 100 pounds) will no longer act as artwork in my home, taking up room. I threw out a request for places to recycle on Facebook and Twitter and got quite a few leads. After doing some homework on the situation, I am going with DCAL in Webster. It was recommended as a good place to e-cycle, and frankly, it's close and cheap. In case any of you are in a similar boat, here's the info.

DCAL Services (Electronics/Housewares Recycling

Thanks to all those who sent me suggestions.

Metro Area Electronic Recycling Info

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gentleman Auction House This Weekend

For those of you who are in the know, or those that might be looking, (or ones like me who are slow to get there...) Gentleman Auction House, recommended herein as a great local band by Misters Crone and Underwood, is playing at Off Broadway this Friday, December 19. Tickets are $8 at the door, and I am sure they will have CD's for sale if any of you still need to pick up a gift. They're playing an Xmas show with the Hibernauts. Target Market, and Cold Bear Scout.

Off Broadway

Looking just a little bit ahead, and something to mark on your calendars is Bunnygrunt on Dec. 27th at the Tap Room and the Invisibles at Mangia on New Year's Eve, a gig which I committed to seeing last April or May when it was announced. Rumor has it there will be the old puppet show stylings of Jaxon and his partner in crime, a throwback that was slightly before my arrival on the south side, but which I am very much looking forward to ringing in the new year with.

Live Music at Schlafly
Mangia Live Bands

STL Holiday Guide: For the St. Louis Lover

Stunning Photos of STL
I’ll be damned if these photos aren’t the most beautiful things ever. I have long admired Hilary’s photos from afar on flickr, but then the other day I discovered I could have one of my very own. Her Helgaroid photos are my favorite, the colors brilliant and alive, and she has a knack for pulling the life out of a place that we might otherwise just drive by, unnoticed. Prints are available on, ranging around $35-40, plus shipping.

If a book’s more your thing, check out the following titles:

St. Louis Then and Now by Elizabeth McNulty.
This book has gorgeous photos of what St Louis used to be, and what it looks like now. It’s available at most every local bookstore, as well as the chains and online at Amazon.

Portraits Along the River by Thomas Crone, with photographs by Bob Reuter.
In full disclosure, my company published this book, so I am a bit biased. That being said, working on this book introduced me to the talent and genius of Crone and Reuter. The book features interviews with 50 people who work and live in the City of St Louis. There are jobs you might not have known existed, coupled with the subjects’ own words and Reuter’s stunning photos, this book presents a pretty lively illustration of who lives in STL. Available at Left Bank Books, as well as all local chain stores.

The William and Joseph Press

Or, for those of you who like to wear your St Louis, you might dig.

STL Style
I’m a fan of the South City, Old North St. Louis, Grand, and St. Louis Original shirts.

Also, could I please have one of these?
STL Style does KDHX shirts, and while I like them all, I am a really big fan of the light blue one. (Women’s large or XL, please.)

If jewelry’s more your thing, I found some cool STL themed pieces on Etsy.

STL Arch Pendant

Fleur de lis Pendant

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bleeding Deacon Grand Opening

Okay, campers and kids, the Bleeding Deacon is having its "official" Grand Opening Saturday, December 13 at 6pm. There will be tasty snacks (free spread for a while), even tastier beverages, and fun for all. This joint has been open for a few weeks, so the "official" part kind of cracks me up, though I get it. But it does indicate usually that most of the kinks are worked out (not that i've noticed any) and the crowd will start to diversify a bit. That being said, I hope I can attend for the "grand"ness of it all. And, for the fact that Mike and Todd have a lot of tasty beer in their joint, some of which I have not had in a long time. I counted last time I was there, and if memory serves, there were well over 20 bottles-- good stuff, and the kind of beer that not every bar has. Food prices are good, service has been friendly and deft, and there's a big chalkboard that I think is just waiting for my haikus. (Apparently right now it's occupied by Chef Jaxon Noon's art...) Anyway, if you haven't been, it's well worth the trip. And if you go earlier in the day, Simple Pleasures is open next door. So you can shop for adult items and lingerie and then just mosey over for a bite and a beer. Hurrah!

The Bleeding Deacon Public House
4123 Chippewa (just west of Gravois, across from the QT-- parking lot directly to the east of building)

STL Holiday Gifts: Media

For those who like movies and books, STL has some relatively under-the-radar gems.

If you’re really cool, you know about LoFi St Louis. On Bill Streeter's site, a collection of video podcasts, you can find out more about everything St Louis-- and this is the stuff you might not know otherwise (but should). Bill Streeter rocks, as does LoFi. You can sport a LoFi shirt by heading down to the Royale (3132 S. Kingshighway) and plunking down some cash ($15, I think?) and they will give you a red shirt with the LoFi logo.

The Films of Dan Bowers
While at the Royale, you can also pick up a copy of Gus, Daniel Bowers’ homage to individualism in our fair city. This feature documentary takes a look at Gus, owner of Gus’ fashions (formerly down on Tucker and Washington), and a right character he is. I met Dan years ago when he shot our first 48HFP for us, and he’s one of the kindest, most talented people I’ve known. Case in point (in terms of his talent), is his improv film A: Anonymous, which features local improv geniuses Sarah Jones, Ray Brewer, and George Malich, amongst others. A is the story of a bunch of dysfunctional folks with peculiar addictions (tight pants, wearing wrestling masks, passing out at inappropriate times) and how they all come together.

A is well worth a watch (or a few). A sold out in town, but it is available at several places (Amazon) online.
Trailer for Gus (set to one of my favorite Jive Turkey tracks)
Trailer for A: Anonymous

Coming soon: gift ideas for local books, cook t-shirts, and more music (more recommendations from Don Beasley and Brett Underwood).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

STL Holiday Gifts: Music

Part Two: Local Music Recommendations

If jazz is more your thing, local sax player and singer Jessica Butler (of Linn, the Ralph Butler Band, and a lot of previous super-cool projects in jazz and ska) recommends Jesse Gannon’s The Truth. There’s some swingy piano that’s pretty cool. In a slightly different direction, Jessica also recommends the Earthworms, for some funky white boy old school hip-hop (member Matt Fournier was formerly of the band Jive Turkey, which used to make me very happy). Both their CD’s are available at Vintage Vinyl.

The Truth

Last year, quite a few people I know received Jon Hardy and the Public’s CD. Jon’s CD’s are a little harder to find. They are available at shows, or through him if you know him. Otherwise, you gotta hit iTunes and download. Still local, still cool.

Jon Hardy and the Public

Brett Underwood recommends the band Wooden Kites. Their folksy/indie mix makes me want to throw this in the CD player and read books while curled on the couch in the rain. I am particularly fond of the track "Suicide Weather"; despite the morbid name, it's actually quite bouncy, reminiscent of classic country lyrics filled with longing. (Thus, the connection to rain for me.) Their album is called The Orchard and is available at Amazon, or locally at Vintage Vinyl.

Wooden Kites on MySpace

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

STL Holiday Gifts: Music

Part One, in which the reader (you) gets insights into the best music St. Louis has to offer. Made in St. Louis, so try to buy in St. Louis. Today's recommendations are courtesy of Thomas Crone, Brett Underwood, and Don Beasley.

The local music recommendations have been rolling into my inbox, and I am excited. So, if any of you need to find me a gift this holiday season, take note. I was trying to figure out how to organize all these great suggestions, and then it occurred to me that pretty much everyone has varied taste in music, so I am just gonna hit you with what people passed along to me.

Gentleman Auction House
Quite a few folks, including KDHX spinner Thomas Crone and Brett Underwood, formerly of the No Show, are digging Gentleman Auction House, which Crone cites as pleasing pop that’s a pretty good bet for anyone on your holiday list.

Listen to them here. They are releasing a Christmas album on Emergency Umbrella Records. They also have other releases and all are available at Euclid Records

On a tangential note, while looking into some stuff I thought was cool for these posts, I stumbled upon the work of graphic artist and designer John Vogl. Unfortunately, his work is not in stores at the moment, and his new site is under construction. That being said, when his stuff is available, I want this. And you might be wondering why I am bringing John into this discussion of music, well... While looking at his work, I also discovered that he did some album covers for Gentleman Auction House and other local bands. So, he’s doubly cool. Check out his stuff here.

Another local music hero, Eric Hall, is also on a few people’s list, including Don Beasley (formerly of punk band Corbeta Corbata and recent STL ex-pat to be dispatched to KC). Eric Hall has long done some really cool things with sound, dating back to eerie recordings he used to do with friends in Dunaway Books on S. Grand.

For more on Eric and his Echolocation Recordings, have a look here. Underwood forwarded the following info: "Eric Hall and Echolocation Recordings continue to release CDs of various electro-acoustic material.  All are available at Vintage Vinyl and Apop Records."

Part Two: Forthcoming recs from Jessica Butler on jazz, more local rock and punk, as well as other STL media that should be please the folks you love. (Hint: there will be sex in a book title, rock n' roll is implied in design, and some products can be purchased at bars.)

STL Holiday Guide: Music, a Kickoff

I've spent the majority of my adult life chained behind a bar on weekends, which has prevented me from becoming the musical genius that runs in my bloodlines. When I go see shows in St Louis, I always enjoy myself, but I usually only know about them because it's a friend's band, or because I am dating one of the musicians. Luckily, I have friends who run the gamut from jazz bands to funk, punk to rock, and a little americana thrown in for good measure.

This past weekend I stepped out to go hear The Funky Butt Brass Band and Gumbohead at the Gramophone in the Grove. Typically, I fear the Grove, as I am skeptical of any neighborhood that invents a name for itself. But the Gramophone might have changed my opinion. I did have some mild panic upon arrival because I was alone and it was crowded, but as the crowd thinned, I grew into the place.

Basically two old storefronts, there's a beautiful long bar on one side (with laminate countertops on the back bar, which I can forgive because I know it's prudent)... and a huge stage along the other side. The middle ground is all open space. Amen. The Gramophone carried a lot of beer-- easily 20 bottles or so, at decent prices, and five or so on draft. They had wines, and the regular selection of spirits, and service was quick and pretty good. The sound was good, the bands didn't seem squeezed onto the stage, and everyone seemed to have a great time. The best part for me-- and this might have been because of the specific bands playing-- was that the average age was easily 30-something. Thank you. It was a chill crowd having a good time. And I vowed to be more open minded about future dealings in the Grove. And the horns from the Funky Butt Brass Band were pretty hot.

So all this got me thinking about the various things that STL has to offer, and how limited I am in my knowledge of some of it. So I went to people who know way more than me. I plumbed my friends, ex-boyfriends, and former co-workers who are in bands or in-the-know for their suggestions of local music. I figured with the holidays, some of you folks might be looking for cool local gifts. Plus, in these economic times, we might as well keep our hard-earned money in our own fair city. I still have recommendations coming into my inbox, but look for suggestions this week from jazz artist Jessica Butler, Corbeta Corbata's Don Beasley, and KDHX's Silver Tray host Thomas Crone.

And if you have suggestions, add 'em here. That's how we get things done.


Saturday, December 06, 2008


So, thanks to all the people following this blog (even though many of you do it anonymously). I just got a read on the number of my "followers", despite the public three that show up below. I appreciate it. And a big ole thanks to those who have links to my site up on theirs. I've got some fun stuff I'm hoping to post in the next couple of weeks, like local Christmas presents, some great new blogs, and a few musings on bars (new ones, and probably not in South City either... take that!).

In the meantime, why don't you check out my friend Matt's new(ish) blog. Matt's a huge beer guy. He lives and breathes this stuff, and he knows everything... or just about. At least all things St. Louis beer. If you have any questions, put 'em in a comment, and I'm willing to bet he'll answer you. Thank god, no more Prohibition.

Check out Sacred Beer.

And, in an unrelated note, thanks to the St Louis Beacon. You're restoring my faith in STL journalism. What a shame that the only good stuff is online or at the STL American.

St Louis Beacon

Friday, December 05, 2008

Go Forth and Drink

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. So, you could sit at home on a cold night and eat cereal like they did when there was no liquor sold, you can catch a whiff of some gin from the bath tub, or you can hit your local watering hole to celebrate.

Word on the street is that the Sharon Jones show at the Pageant is the hot ticket for tonight. If you're in the Loop, head on down to Riddles for a quick bevvy. I've always enjoyed how completely laid back Riddles is, and they have a nice, big beer and wine selection.

If spirits are more your thing, hit up the Royale for a cocktail from one of STL's 28 wards (I'm a big fan of the Clifton Heights (Makers, sweet vermouth, and fresh pineapple juice-- get it on the rocks) or have a Sazarec).

If you're looking for something a little different, Red Bones and Luckett's in North City are cool. Red Bones is just north of Fairgrounds Park (Vandeventer and Kossuth-- expect stiff, tall drinks with little mixers) or Luckett's on Delmar (just a few blocks east of Euclid, on the south side of the street). The owners of both are awesome.

And, if you're out later and still looking for a tasty beverage, hit up Friendly's on the South Side (intersection of Roger and Potomac, between Tower Grove and the Gravois/Chippewa area). Friendly's does a reverse happy hour, so drinks get cheaper as it gets closer to closing. After 10pm, Schlaflt products drop to $2.50, rail drinks are under two bucks, and other domestic beer prices drop rapidly. Outside, they usually have fires and heaters, and they just opened a huge pool table area next door.

Go forth, drink, and be merry, but get someone sober to drive.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New 52nd City Blog

Apparently for 52nd City, print is dead. This makes me sad because it was a fine publication, and while I regularly keep saying that television is dead (mostly because mine is), I still love print. I love holding things in my hand, being able to feel the words as they come off the page. While I do watch all my media online, I don't really read online publications; it's just never worked for me. I get the blurbs and the quick info, but I still subscribe to over 15 magazines. Like I said, I like holding things in my hand.

All that being said, the new 52nd City blog is way prettier than the old one, and infinitely more readable in its format. So, check it out here. If you don't know what 52nd City is, then this is a great way to find out. And just for good balance, go buy something in print made or written locally-- a book, a zine, a chapbook of poems, a literary journal.

52nd City Blog