Monday, December 15, 2008

Gentleman Auction House This Weekend

For those of you who are in the know, or those that might be looking, (or ones like me who are slow to get there...) Gentleman Auction House, recommended herein as a great local band by Misters Crone and Underwood, is playing at Off Broadway this Friday, December 19. Tickets are $8 at the door, and I am sure they will have CD's for sale if any of you still need to pick up a gift. They're playing an Xmas show with the Hibernauts. Target Market, and Cold Bear Scout.

Off Broadway

Looking just a little bit ahead, and something to mark on your calendars is Bunnygrunt on Dec. 27th at the Tap Room and the Invisibles at Mangia on New Year's Eve, a gig which I committed to seeing last April or May when it was announced. Rumor has it there will be the old puppet show stylings of Jaxon and his partner in crime, a throwback that was slightly before my arrival on the south side, but which I am very much looking forward to ringing in the new year with.

Live Music at Schlafly
Mangia Live Bands

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