Friday, December 05, 2008

Go Forth and Drink

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. So, you could sit at home on a cold night and eat cereal like they did when there was no liquor sold, you can catch a whiff of some gin from the bath tub, or you can hit your local watering hole to celebrate.

Word on the street is that the Sharon Jones show at the Pageant is the hot ticket for tonight. If you're in the Loop, head on down to Riddles for a quick bevvy. I've always enjoyed how completely laid back Riddles is, and they have a nice, big beer and wine selection.

If spirits are more your thing, hit up the Royale for a cocktail from one of STL's 28 wards (I'm a big fan of the Clifton Heights (Makers, sweet vermouth, and fresh pineapple juice-- get it on the rocks) or have a Sazarec).

If you're looking for something a little different, Red Bones and Luckett's in North City are cool. Red Bones is just north of Fairgrounds Park (Vandeventer and Kossuth-- expect stiff, tall drinks with little mixers) or Luckett's on Delmar (just a few blocks east of Euclid, on the south side of the street). The owners of both are awesome.

And, if you're out later and still looking for a tasty beverage, hit up Friendly's on the South Side (intersection of Roger and Potomac, between Tower Grove and the Gravois/Chippewa area). Friendly's does a reverse happy hour, so drinks get cheaper as it gets closer to closing. After 10pm, Schlaflt products drop to $2.50, rail drinks are under two bucks, and other domestic beer prices drop rapidly. Outside, they usually have fires and heaters, and they just opened a huge pool table area next door.

Go forth, drink, and be merry, but get someone sober to drive.

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Leftturnyielder said...

How do I not know about this Friendly's place with it being so close to my house? Hmm, must not tell husband about new cheap place to drink.