Friday, December 12, 2008

STL Holiday Gifts: Media

For those who like movies and books, STL has some relatively under-the-radar gems.

If you’re really cool, you know about LoFi St Louis. On Bill Streeter's site, a collection of video podcasts, you can find out more about everything St Louis-- and this is the stuff you might not know otherwise (but should). Bill Streeter rocks, as does LoFi. You can sport a LoFi shirt by heading down to the Royale (3132 S. Kingshighway) and plunking down some cash ($15, I think?) and they will give you a red shirt with the LoFi logo.

The Films of Dan Bowers
While at the Royale, you can also pick up a copy of Gus, Daniel Bowers’ homage to individualism in our fair city. This feature documentary takes a look at Gus, owner of Gus’ fashions (formerly down on Tucker and Washington), and a right character he is. I met Dan years ago when he shot our first 48HFP for us, and he’s one of the kindest, most talented people I’ve known. Case in point (in terms of his talent), is his improv film A: Anonymous, which features local improv geniuses Sarah Jones, Ray Brewer, and George Malich, amongst others. A is the story of a bunch of dysfunctional folks with peculiar addictions (tight pants, wearing wrestling masks, passing out at inappropriate times) and how they all come together.

A is well worth a watch (or a few). A sold out in town, but it is available at several places (Amazon) online.
Trailer for Gus (set to one of my favorite Jive Turkey tracks)
Trailer for A: Anonymous

Coming soon: gift ideas for local books, cook t-shirts, and more music (more recommendations from Don Beasley and Brett Underwood).

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