Monday, December 15, 2008

STL Holiday Guide: For the St. Louis Lover

Stunning Photos of STL
I’ll be damned if these photos aren’t the most beautiful things ever. I have long admired Hilary’s photos from afar on flickr, but then the other day I discovered I could have one of my very own. Her Helgaroid photos are my favorite, the colors brilliant and alive, and she has a knack for pulling the life out of a place that we might otherwise just drive by, unnoticed. Prints are available on, ranging around $35-40, plus shipping.

If a book’s more your thing, check out the following titles:

St. Louis Then and Now by Elizabeth McNulty.
This book has gorgeous photos of what St Louis used to be, and what it looks like now. It’s available at most every local bookstore, as well as the chains and online at Amazon.

Portraits Along the River by Thomas Crone, with photographs by Bob Reuter.
In full disclosure, my company published this book, so I am a bit biased. That being said, working on this book introduced me to the talent and genius of Crone and Reuter. The book features interviews with 50 people who work and live in the City of St Louis. There are jobs you might not have known existed, coupled with the subjects’ own words and Reuter’s stunning photos, this book presents a pretty lively illustration of who lives in STL. Available at Left Bank Books, as well as all local chain stores.

The William and Joseph Press

Or, for those of you who like to wear your St Louis, you might dig.

STL Style
I’m a fan of the South City, Old North St. Louis, Grand, and St. Louis Original shirts.

Also, could I please have one of these?
STL Style does KDHX shirts, and while I like them all, I am a really big fan of the light blue one. (Women’s large or XL, please.)

If jewelry’s more your thing, I found some cool STL themed pieces on Etsy.

STL Arch Pendant

Fleur de lis Pendant

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