Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dapper Dan's to close

Tonight (Saturday) is the final night for Dapper Dan's. Got the email from Steve this morning and scurried on home a little early so I could swing by and pay my respects. So many great STL establishments have shuttered their doors for the last time this past year or 18 months. Makes patronizing the great ones that much more important.

I'm sure I'll write more about Dapper Dan's in the coming days, but if you get a chance, swing by tonight. Totally worth the trip. Tucker and Washington, downtown, (on the east side of Tucker).

Bill McClellan's column from the STL Post on Dapper Dan's


Leftturnyielder said...

Oh, my gosh. Tommy's going to be so upset when he realizes he missed this. This is one of his top five favorite bars in STL, and we all know he knows his stuff!

Lolololori said...


Michael R. Allen said...

Too bad I was sick in bed Friday and Saturday, or I would have stopped by to pay my respects.

Anonymous said...

nice post..
Entertainment at one stop

Johnny T said...

Anyway to talk to someone about renting this place out for a little get to getter? I met my soon to be fiance there and would love to take her after I ask her to marry me. We'll be in town in a few weeks.

If you know let me know.

tojohntaylor (at) the google