Saturday, December 06, 2008


So, thanks to all the people following this blog (even though many of you do it anonymously). I just got a read on the number of my "followers", despite the public three that show up below. I appreciate it. And a big ole thanks to those who have links to my site up on theirs. I've got some fun stuff I'm hoping to post in the next couple of weeks, like local Christmas presents, some great new blogs, and a few musings on bars (new ones, and probably not in South City either... take that!).

In the meantime, why don't you check out my friend Matt's new(ish) blog. Matt's a huge beer guy. He lives and breathes this stuff, and he knows everything... or just about. At least all things St. Louis beer. If you have any questions, put 'em in a comment, and I'm willing to bet he'll answer you. Thank god, no more Prohibition.

Check out Sacred Beer.

And, in an unrelated note, thanks to the St Louis Beacon. You're restoring my faith in STL journalism. What a shame that the only good stuff is online or at the STL American.

St Louis Beacon

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