Friday, December 12, 2008

Bleeding Deacon Grand Opening

Okay, campers and kids, the Bleeding Deacon is having its "official" Grand Opening Saturday, December 13 at 6pm. There will be tasty snacks (free spread for a while), even tastier beverages, and fun for all. This joint has been open for a few weeks, so the "official" part kind of cracks me up, though I get it. But it does indicate usually that most of the kinks are worked out (not that i've noticed any) and the crowd will start to diversify a bit. That being said, I hope I can attend for the "grand"ness of it all. And, for the fact that Mike and Todd have a lot of tasty beer in their joint, some of which I have not had in a long time. I counted last time I was there, and if memory serves, there were well over 20 bottles-- good stuff, and the kind of beer that not every bar has. Food prices are good, service has been friendly and deft, and there's a big chalkboard that I think is just waiting for my haikus. (Apparently right now it's occupied by Chef Jaxon Noon's art...) Anyway, if you haven't been, it's well worth the trip. And if you go earlier in the day, Simple Pleasures is open next door. So you can shop for adult items and lingerie and then just mosey over for a bite and a beer. Hurrah!

The Bleeding Deacon Public House
4123 Chippewa (just west of Gravois, across from the QT-- parking lot directly to the east of building)

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