Wednesday, December 10, 2008

STL Holiday Gifts: Music

Part Two: Local Music Recommendations

If jazz is more your thing, local sax player and singer Jessica Butler (of Linn, the Ralph Butler Band, and a lot of previous super-cool projects in jazz and ska) recommends Jesse Gannon’s The Truth. There’s some swingy piano that’s pretty cool. In a slightly different direction, Jessica also recommends the Earthworms, for some funky white boy old school hip-hop (member Matt Fournier was formerly of the band Jive Turkey, which used to make me very happy). Both their CD’s are available at Vintage Vinyl.

The Truth

Last year, quite a few people I know received Jon Hardy and the Public’s CD. Jon’s CD’s are a little harder to find. They are available at shows, or through him if you know him. Otherwise, you gotta hit iTunes and download. Still local, still cool.

Jon Hardy and the Public

Brett Underwood recommends the band Wooden Kites. Their folksy/indie mix makes me want to throw this in the CD player and read books while curled on the couch in the rain. I am particularly fond of the track "Suicide Weather"; despite the morbid name, it's actually quite bouncy, reminiscent of classic country lyrics filled with longing. (Thus, the connection to rain for me.) Their album is called The Orchard and is available at Amazon, or locally at Vintage Vinyl.

Wooden Kites on MySpace

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