Friday, September 08, 2006

Things not to miss, on Sunday...

Think nothing worth seeing is happening in this town? Well, there's a gigantic convergence of culture high and low, art, music, and events, and it all seems to be going down this Sunday, Sept. 10 in the 'Lou.

If I were you, I would not miss the following:

ST LOUIS ART FAIR, Clayton, all day, all weekend
Look out for STL painters Alicia Lachance and Michael Hoffman. Alicia's beautiful botanical paintings graced all the posters for last year's art fair. Alicia, Michael, and Bill Lachance own Hoffman Lachance Fine Art-- the best art around without being up its own ass. Check out Lachance and Hoffman; their paintings will make you think of poetry, both be-bop and soul.

STL's newest sport weaves entertainment and endurance with physical prowess and style. Part punk, part cultural phenomenom, these girls are well worth the watching.

Yep, it's the RFT, but at least they still are supporting and showcasing local talent with this huge affair. On Sunday, all over the Loop, for many hours, great bands, in all kinds of genres will be playing. Most covers are around $10, not bad for lovin' your local sound. My recs:

Bad Folk, 6pm, Cicero's-- Their music reminds me of trains and driving, and they are just damn talented and nice.

Bob Reuter, 7pm, Riddle's-- Fantastic songwriter. See why he was nominated as one of the best in the city.

Corbeta Corbata, 8pm, Halo Bar-- punk at its best, although not my usual thing, these guys rock

The Bureau, 9pm, Cicero's-- I just saw them the other night and I'm hooked: electronic.

The Earthworms, 9pm, Blueberry Hill-- I've been missing Jive Turkey and this is their future. Hip-hop.

Tight Pants Syndrome, 10pm, Riddles-- Just go; you'll thank me later. And think of Gavin Tartowski.

Red Eyed Driver, 10pm, Blueberry Hill Duck Room-- rock, at its best and most beautiful.

After hitting these events, try and tell me there ain't a renaissance goin' down.

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