Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Handwritten Fears (in the 20th Ward)

All signs were seen at the flowershop on the corner of Cherokee and Compton in the 20th Ward, home of the aldermanic race between Galen Gandolfi and Craig Schmid.

For those of you in the Gandolfi camp, check out his fundraiser held this Friday evening (Jan. 12) at the Typo Cafe/Tin Ceiling (also on the corner of Compton and Cherokee--across the street from these signs).

Gandolfi 2007 Fundraiser
Bands of the 20th banding together:

Walkie Talkie USA
The Adversary Workers
Bad Folk
The Beating
Bravo Company

Friday, January 12 at Typo/Tin Ceiling

Doors at 7:00
Bands at 8:00

And check out the Typo; I hear Tim Rakel's done a fine, fine job.

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