Friday, September 25, 2009

Local Chefs + Creativity + Competition = South City Iron Chef

If you want to check out some of the more interesting characters in the STL culinary arts scene, go to the South City Iron Chef event this weekend. In its third installment, wunderkind chef Clara Moore (formerly of Mangia Italiano, now of Local Harvest) has helped organize a killer event, with a slightly different take on the original South City battles.

This year, chefs will compete with layman partners in teams of two, battling it out round after round. Included in the line-up are chef Chris Bork and local rocker Sunyatta Marshall for the laymen.

The event is for charity, with all proceeds going to local bi-state small farms, including Prairie Grass Farms and Biver Farms. The event goes from Noon-6pm on Sunday, Sept. 27 with three rounds of slicing, dicing, and cooking going on in Dick Pointer's backyard at 3333 Demenil (directly across the street from the historic and haunted Lemp Mansion).

VIP tickets are available ranging from $30-$50, allowing you to sit front and center at the judge's table and eat what the judge's eat (yum!). Rounds include everything from canned food to local and mystery ingredient challenges. DJ's will be on the scene to keep the atmosphere hoppin' and local food and drinks will be on sale. There's also a homebrew competition where you can sample local homebrews and vote for your favorite.

I went to the first South City Iron Chef a couple years back and it was one of the more interesting and fun days I've spent on the South side. This one is sure to deliver with its line-up of pros and amateurs, music and food-- and there's always an interesting crowd gathered to support the local food movement and celebrate the artistry of the South side. Come with an empty stomach and a willingness to try great local food.

For more info, email

Sunday, Sept. 27 from Noon-6PM (3 rounds with DJ's, food, and drink; all proceeds go to charity)
3333 DeMenil (in the backyard; directly across from historic Lemp Mansion)


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