Thursday, September 24, 2009

McKee Plans for the Northside Explained

No doubt you've heard talk of the McKee development plans for North Saint Louis. Last night, the St Louis TIF Committee voted unanimously to approve McKee's TIF request and send the plan to the Board of Aldermen for negotiation. There's a lot at stake in this deal. On the one side, there's McKee promising jobs, housing, and a revitalization of the North Side. On there other side, there is doubt that McKee will deliver on promises, concerns over eminent domain, and questions about how McKee's plans will affect the almost 9000 residents who currently live in the proposed area of the North Side.

To learn more about McKee's proposal and hear concerns of the neighborhood, check out St Louis Public Radio's coverage. They explain what a TIF is, how it works in this deal, give a history of the neighborhood, and speak to several area residents and business owners about how this plan might affect the North Side. There's audio, video, and photos as well.

To get a more historical and architectural perspective on how this will affect the city, check out local preservationist Michael Allen's blog the Ecology of Absence. Michael's also got an Op-Ed in the Saint Louis American, critiquing McKee's development plan.

What do you think? Is this going to help Saint Louis or sink us further?

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