Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mad Art

All right ya'll... there was some beautiful art to be seen in this city last night (check previous post about the GAS show). Around 11, we swung by Mad Art (2727 s. 12th, just south of Sydney, across from the Brewery). There was a hoppin' after-party.

I love Mad Art. They are good folks, and Ron, Andrea, and Tracy have helped out our causes and our businesses an awful lot over the years. I was thinking last night as I strolled through--the same thing I always think: what a damn cool place Mad Art is. I have been there to see films, art exhibits, for Elvis parties, bands, rallies, and art exhibits. I have seen boxing matches there, filmed there, and held fundrasisers within the walls of that old police station. And it's a beautiful building, by the way.

Last night though, was a bit different. There was a vibe, and perhaps because many of the party-goers were from out of town (wearing nametags and sporting looks that said Not-From-The-Midwest). Inside the main gallery, there were maybe fifteen collections of work by glass artists. My favorite: the gigantic snowglobes. There was also a collection of glass skulls in varying colours and layers (even an American flag one). There was, oddly, several baseball themed pieces of art-- glass baseball caps, a glass bat and glove. Everything you looked at was striking in its vision and its craftsmanship.

And then there was the drinking under the tent outside-- the braintrusts that were going on, the fire dancing (and fire eating) that was happening in the driveway. It was fantastic. I was glad all those out of town kids got to see a piece of STL that we see all the time. Long live Mad Art.

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