Monday, June 05, 2006

Playback: STL

There are days when I wish people would realize how little money I have. And then I open my inbox and see the best news imaginable: someone knows I need money for the fun things.

Playback STL, a great music and arts magazine, has long been a darling of the local scene in St. Louis. Here’s a publication that has gone from small to large in the last couple of years. Jumping on the radar of other cities a few years ago when the crew went down to SXSW, Playback has only increased in size, distribution and quality. This is a magazine with some of the best writing, interviews, and reviews of anything I’ve seen. And the best part: we live in St. Louis, so it’s free. Even better for St. Louis is the fact that this little engine that could has now picked up a distributor, so it will be seen nationally on newstands and in Canada.

But back to the free stuff... Those great folks over at Playback want to spread the love. This month they are offering a number of free tickets to concerts (including Cracker and Bowling for Soup) as well as movies. Check out their website at Then send them an email at and tell them what you want to see.

It’s that simple. No money? Well, someone still wants to give you a chance to have fun.

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