Thursday, June 15, 2006

Through the Looking Glass

St. Louis gets left out of the loop a lot, especially in the art world, which confounds me at times. Yep, we're tiny by many respects, but we do good things. And someone somewhere is noticing.

This weekend brings the 36th Annual Glass Art Society Conference, "Meet in the Middle" to St. Louis. This is a huge thing in the art world of Glass. In the past five years, this conference has been in NY twice, Seattle, Australia, and Amsterdam. So to come to St. Louis, surely that's a sign of progress.

Galleries all over the city are having special exhibitions this week to garner traffic from the conference. This is not Chilhully, but a whole cadre of glass blowers with different talents and styles. Apparently, this is also not the St. Louis that everyone on the coasts has been ignoring for years.

My picks for the best shows this weekend:

Art St. Louis' exhibition of local glass artists at the Old Post Office downtown (917 Locust, 3rd floor). Featuring over 41 local artists, this event will perhaps shed some light on the STL glass scene.

Hoffman LaChance Fine Art in Clayton (7533 Forsyth) presents Jason Anton through the end of the month, with a reception Friday, June 16 from 7-10 pm. Referencing the Italian tradition, this artist from Ohio will present several pieces which work in varied textures and layers, using color to create beautiful works of art.

Hoffman LaChance Fine Art, 960-5322

For more shows and information, check out the Glass Art Society website:

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