Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Bleeding Deacon

Okay, South Side bar fans... the Bleeding Deacon is finally open. Located down on the north side of Chippewa (at Gravois, across from the QT) lies the Bleeding Deacon Public House. The building was once home to Marin's (and next to Simple Pleasures, one of my favorite building sides). It's an inauspicious little place, tucked into the side of the road-- one I've been passing for years with little attention. Inside, it's rather dark, with booths and high bar tables, big chalkboards (just waiting for me to write haikus), and a gorgeous bar with mirror glass that reads with the pub's name.

Just opened Monday night, the Bleeding Deacon serves all kinds of food-- sandwiches and salads now ($7-9) with burgers and entrees forthcoming. The kitchen it headed up by the venerable Jaxon Noon, and the professionalism is evident. Full bar, lots of great bottled beers (including Sierra Nevada for me), a killer staff, and a nice garden just waiting for warm weather. I know partners Todd Pruit and Mike McLaughlin from my days at the Royale (Mike and I were behind the bar together several days a week for a couple of years)-- and the industry experience looks like it has translated well. Opening night hosted a bevy of South Siders and industry workers.

Maybe, in part, it's because I know the crew... but something about walking into the Bleeding Deacon felt awful cozy, like going home. My friend James looked at me at one point and made a comment about how we might have found our new regular spot-- a place once occupied in both of our hearts by the Blackthorn, but now vacant for many years. I love dark bars, and there was something last night about ducking in out of the cold, the traffic moving by on Chippewa, food rolling out of the kitchen, Poison on the jukebox (not necessarily representative of all that was heard)... but I liked it. I'll be back soon.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Oooh! I wanna go! Sounds like my kinda place...I'm feeling a little nostalgic for the dark bar-Sierra Nevada-Poison on the juke kinda place. And a little Mikey doesn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

how happy am I that they have finally opened! I live a block away and know one of the bartenders so I'm excited to check it out. Going tonight for dinner so we'll see if it's my new hangout (one of many).

Anonymous said...

excellent bar, highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

Went to the Bleeding Deacon last weekend. Just my type of place. Laid back, awesome atmosphere with a good vibe. And the beer isn't ridiculously overpriced like many places in the city!

Have a PBR and enjoy this one!