Friday, November 21, 2008

Grace Basement at the Tap Room

So my old pal Kevin Buckley just sent me an invite to a show he's playing at the Tap Room this weekend. And as usual, I'm gonna have to miss something cool. So I thought I'd tell you about it. Buckley is a pretty talent musician who's been involved in all kinds of music. I first met him many years ago when he was playing the fiddle at McGurks (which he still does). Then I grew to love him in Palookaville, and Grace Basement seems the next project which I am set to admire. With some Americana whimsy that seems relevant, Grace Basement is smooth and draws you in. Check out some audio clips from their songs here.

Also playing (and fantastic) is Bad Folk with the lovely Tim Rakel at the helm, and Bridgeton Air Defense. Show starts at 8pm on Saturday, November 22, free and open to the public. And rumour has it they have the Christmas Ale now if you're into that sort of thing.

Tap Room Live Music

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