Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Free Things To Do in the 'Lou

So, I don't know what's going on with me lately, but it's like I am reverting to a teenager again while at the same time feeling really old. I was aghast last night that I heard someone do the Pixies during karaoke (if you're wondering, the song was from Doolittle, which also seemed a bit obvious). I have been taking a class at KDHX in the CWE, and just like the nerd I used to be, I'm excited to do homework. I am writing an essay about a novel for a freelance gig, and I love doing that. I especially love the research, god help me. Last year I was obsessed with Jane Austen, this year might be the American Renaissance again (as it refers to literature, not the cultural period of the same name).

Anyway, apparently, I like learning and I like learning for free. So here are some cool opportunities I dug up.

FREE PRINTMAKING WORKSHOP with Evil Prints, Sat. Nov. 1, from 1-4pm
Having just found out about this, I looked up Evil Prints which has been operating since 1995. The owner, Tom Huck, is a pretty badass printmaker, a talent I totally admire. It's really cool to see a bunch of almost tattoo-inspired themes shine through in such an old-world medium. The shop also runs fee-based DIY Screenprinting classes and other multi-week courses. To register for this free workshop, you need to email evilbarker@rocketmail.com to reserve a spot. Check out more info here.
(And by the way, there are tons of Dia de los Muertos things going on around town on Sat., Nov. 1. Printmaking is a great way to connect the dots between different cultures and times on that day.)

The St. Louis Artists' Guild Photo Section will look at your work. Yep, for real. At these meetings, anyone can contact Jim Trotter beforehand (colorimage@hotmail.com) and they'll show your work at the beginning of the meeting. 10 photos or less. This is a great place to start if you are beginning photography and want some feedback and tips. For more info, click here. The Artists' Guild also has a lot of other free workshops (or some very cheap, just the cost of supplies)-- including a Fantasy Figure Drawing class ($5) where you can draw glorious females dressed like warriors and such, which sounds like a dream for some RPGers.

ST. LOUIS ART MUSEUM MYTH WORKSHOPS, Sunday, Oct. 19 (1-4pm, in the Sculpture Hall)
Got a family? Or just looking for some learning that's slightly more relaxed? The St. Louis Art Museum is presenting a family Understanding Myth series throughout the month of October. On the 26th, the topic will focus on Magic and Myth. Other weeks, themes will vary. Additionally, there is also a free 30 min. family tour of the art museum, which is a great first step if you haven't brought your kids in lately (or if you're babysitting a niece or nephew). There's also hands-on art activities that will center around myths. So if you don't remember the difference between Zeus and Artemis, or the significance of Persephone and Hades, then check it out. Slam.org

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