Friday, October 17, 2008

Museum of Beer

Last weekend, after spending my afternoon on the sidewalks of Manchester and McCausland (not hookin' or hustling-- filming), I was hot and tired. James was with me, and he suggested a quick nosh somewhere. Enter Pat's Bar and Grill down on Oakland and Tamm. I was too tired to have a beer, but it was really nice to sit in a neighborhood bar in the middle of a Saturday afternoon and see a few patrons laughing over their beers at the bar and families gathered over chicken in booths. For some reason, it seemed like the perfect thing to do and the perfect place to be. (Monday-Friday from 4-6, they also have half-price appetizers if you're looking for something to do tonight.) Since I enjoyed it so, I now recommend it to those of you who find yourselves out on a fine fall Saturday afternoon. Yummy food, especially the chicken fingers and fries-- not greasy, super-tasty breading.

And before you head there, check out one of the current exhibits at the History Museum. Kettle to Kegis an exhibit chronicling the beer industry in our fair city, specifically from 1809-1909.

Heck, make a day out of it. Some people pick apples in the fall, others are more given to hops. After learning about the past, head on over to the Bottleworks to see about the present. Schlafly gives tours at the Bottleworks in Maplewood on Saturdays from Noon-6pm, every hour on the hour and on Sundays at Noon, 2pm, and 4pm. Have one of their Presidential Beers while you're at it. Schlafly online

Get outside, and then have a drink. That's what Fall's for.

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