Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Not Chrismakkah Yet

I'll be frank. I think this continual Christmas music thing on the radio in October in BS. It makes me angry for a variety of reasons, but mostly, it's a waste of everyone's time, and I am pretty sure just a big publicity gimmick so they get press. The radio station (which shall remain unnamed since I refuse to give them specific press-- just turn your dial, you'll find it all conspicuous and Christmas-y)-- anyway the station is changing formats after Christmas, so apparently, they're just ditching their audience now and expect us all to believe that there really is a market for All-Christmas-Music-All-The-Time in freaking mid-October. It was 85 degrees and sunny last weekend. I was sweating my ass off while I worked outside.

I'll end my rant here. It's not a station I listened to anyway, I'm just tired of reading about it everywhere (so yep, I'm making you read about it... I realize the irony.) The notion just makes me angry. I don't need any more commercialism in my life. Add to that: ploys, marketing manipulation, or gimmicks. Argggg...

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