Thursday, October 02, 2008

VP Debates Tonight at Wash U

3100 journalists in town. The only Vice Presidential debates during this race. At a time when the VP nominee is arguably more critical than ever (though I'd argue that it's always critical).

Tonight at 8pm, Washington University hosts the VP debates.(Incidentally, Wash U has hosted more presidential debates than any other university in the country.) But, here we are. Palin. Biden. In town. I feel like we should get ready for a rumble. When I was lying in bed thinking about the debates this morning, I began wondering what kind of questions I would want to ask them both, if given the opportunity.

For me, when I think of the current state of our country, and how it is fixed-- it's not just about policy and execution, but it's about delivering the kind of leadership necessary to bring about a change in cultural values that will help guide policy and public support of that policy. For many years, most of my life even, I feel we have been politicking to symptoms. Quick fixes to prove we can do something in office. I'd rather see a strategic plan, something that takes time, but has direction and meaning. I'd like to rally behind my leaders again. I'd like to feel like I am being lead.

I think we've seen the beginning of the tipping point on some of this. The environment is a good example. We are by no means close to solving the issue, but a few years ago it was only on people's radar as an issue, not as a serious concern, or something intimate to their everyday lives. And then, that began to shift. I'm waiting for education to tip and become something that matters. And health care.

So, I guess, from the VP nominees, I'd like to know, not only what they plan on doing, but what cultural shifts they think are necessary for the public to understand what's at stake and support them. I would like to see that they have some understanding that the political system does not just exist in a vacuum.

My guess is they will speak in circular fashion, as we are so fond of these days, and little will be unearthed, and that no true dialogue will exist. But like all other things political, I'll watch, hoping I am proven wrong.

VP Debates, Live Tonight, 8pm CST

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