Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The 7 Series, Part II

Continuing My List...

#4. THE CITY MUSEUM. There are very few cities that even understand the value of repurposing materials, or the inherent beauty of found objects. We are lucky to have the City Museum, and luckier still that Cassily continues to build it and to offer the museum up for events and projects downtown. I mean, come on people... There are tunnels and fish, treehouses and gigantic slides. There is art to be made and art to be seen, a circus, Beatnik Bob's. There's a bus on the roof, which incidentally was being put on the roof when I first moved to town, and was my first image of the City Museum. And then there are the planes out front, that whole Monstrocity that makes me think of Indiana Jones every time I see it. There is not another place like the City Museum, and we have it. It was enough to convince me that vision and ingenuity were alive and well, and supported, in this city.

#3. The 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT. Yep, I know other cities have this. I know it has expanded to include competitions around the world. Big whoop (although actually, I do like that)... Point being, folks, that St. Louis has been in it to win it. The first year they were expecting ten or eleven teams. They got 26. The next year 36, and this past year 48. For a town where no one thought film was going on, boy were they wrong. And the great thing is, the 48 Hour Film Project seems to just spur on more people to make films. It doesn't have to be a full-time job. It dosn't even have to be serious. The point is to tell a story, any story, to use your head and be creative. St. Louis is becomig a thriving film city. Now we just have to figure out how to continually support and nurture that talent and interest. And all this, in my opinion, thanks to Doug Whyte at KDHX. Talk about a reason to love this city, we encourage our own from within.

Tomorrow...the countdown of my 7 favorite things/reasons to live in STL continues...

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