Thursday, August 24, 2006

The 7 Series, Part III

[Continuing the list...]

Okay, there are some who say how great Forest Park is. Over and over and over. "Forest Park, Forest Park, Forest Park". And I'll grant you, it is cool. It's huge-- gi-normous even. And it does have those great free museums. And I love the fountain. And it's good people watching. But other than the museums, to be honest, I don't really do much IN Forest Park. It is a strange labrynth to me, and it is the park that I always look at and think, "That's for other people." Don't ask me why. Sometimes these things are not logical.

Now, Tower Grove Park, on the other hand, that's my park, and not just because of proximity. TG is big enough to be a PARK, yet not so mammoth that you get lost or need to take a GPS to navigate off the trails on foot. And people really use TG-- everyday. It may not be a destination park like Forest Park, but check out TG on the weekends, or right when people get off of work-- even in the winter, that place gets used.

In honor of the sevens, I am going to make a quick list of the 7 things I like most about Tower Grove, listed in no certain order.

1. the Victorian pavilions-- beautiful architecture. It makes me feel like I am in an old movie.
2. the pond at the old ruins-- ditto
3. the fountain, west of Circle Drive-- In the summer, the fountain is packed out with kids running through it, laughing, dogs barking, parents chatting on the side. It is the life of the park on a hot day, and I love that it gets so used.
4. in every storm, at least half the trees fall down in the park, yet there are still tons of trees. It's like a Weeble myster to me. I don't quite get it, because so many fall (see the piles of mulch that are the trees from The Big One in July)-- but there are still so many beautiful trees.
5. Kickball. League Kickball. I don't play, but 'nuff said.
6. Surprisingly, if you take the southernmost road along the east side of the park (which is closed to traffic), it's great for rollerblading. Only about 1/2 mile long, I just do it several times. you can go fast, and there's hills, and it's wide (so if like me, you flail, there's lots o' space to fall without killing someone or being killed).
7. Tower Grove Market. Tower Grove Movie Nights. Festivals in Tower Grove.

Basically, I just love the park, and everyday when i drive by, or walk in it, or see others running or grilling, it makes me happy. We use it, and it is truly our park. Forest Park belongs to everyone, but TG is in the heart of all South Siders. Yay.

#1... You know you want to know what was the kicker that made me think this city could be mine. What was the one thing that made me think, I want to live here, to fall in love with this city everyday, to make my life here? It might surprise you.


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