Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Warehouse, STL

I comb the internet, most days, for hours. I research little things I heard about. I look for funding for projects I'm working on. I read blogs. I'm obsessed with flikr. I write... You know how it is.

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across something about The Warehouse, and suddenly I no longer felt as in-the-know as I usually do. So, I looked at their fledgling website.


The wesbite was short on info., but the images of the space, an old warehouse north of downtown seemed promising. I emailed the Warehouse crew. I received the following reply:


Thanks for your interest in The Warehouse. We are a group of designers in
Saint Louis Missouri that developed an old
warehouse space... turning it into a working studio and gallery. Pioneering
the movement towards the North side of
Downtown near the Historic Landing. The area is full of desolate beautiful
architecture, making this a perfect place for
the "Rebirth of Creativity." We are usually there in the evenings and
weekends having shows once a month. The website
should be updated this week showing images from our opening. The next show
will focus on the artwork, whereas the
previous was more about the introduction of our space.

Once again, thanks for your interest, and if you have any more questions,
feel free to call or email us!

Charlie Smith


As promised, the folks at The Warehouse have updated their site, though it is still woefully short on text, explanation of their shows, or where they came from or want to go. The images are quite gorgeous. They worked hard on that space. And I love that they are trying to propel "the rebirth of creativity". I can't wait to see what they do, and I have my eyes peeled on their sight. I think we'll be hearing more from Charlie and the Warehouse. I'm just happy to see what they have begun.

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Wes said...

whatever happened to this great place?