Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My favorite... gas station

Now, I'm partial to QuikTrip, mostly because they are clean and well-lit and safe for a girl alone at night. I do, of course, enjoy the 7/11 Citgo combos, but mostly because I like a slurpy about as often as they come. But I do have a favorite gas station in STL, and nope, it's not the free world's largest AMOCO sign. There's a Phillips 66 off of Delor and S. Grand (way South). They have a basket of fruit by the checkout, and a whole big swivel stand of greeting cards (many of which had something to do with George Bush, if I remember correctly). It's clean, and the staff are way friendly. I don't get there very much, but there is something about the things they think to include that make me want to go out of my way. Gas is a simple necessity for most of us folk. Going somewhere that makes you happy is purely a bonus.

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