Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stella Blues

Okay, folks, the wait is over. Stella Blues, on the corner of Fyler and Morganford is open. In fact, they just opened today and I just got back from lunch there.

The inside is gorgeous: beautiful tin ceiling, warm beige walls, blue lights, wood furniture. The bar is gorgeous-- like all the other great SS wood bars, long and lean with blue lights in the art deco back part. The best part though-- they spent some money on the bar itself. Not only is it reconditioned, but it has beautiful rock work, as does the area around the front door-- a nice detail.

There were some people in, which pleased me. Service was excellent, by the very comepetent Stephanie, who introduced herself to everyone and offered up info about the joint without me having to ask. And if you're curious-- good beer selection, including Stella (maybe 7 on draft and about 15 bottles). There are Happy Hour specials M-F from 4-6, leaving everything at roughly around $2, so I was told. Also, late night specials from 10-12 M-W, with beers going about the same- $2.

The place is still a little stark, waiting I'm sure to find themselves and add some character and flair-- but I had a nice time. For me, the true sign of whether a place will remain on my list or not is if I can read comfortably and not feel out of place or in the way, and I was very happy at Stella with the ceiling fans whirring and the baseball game flickering peripherally from the 4 plasma TV's. Stella Blues is not your typical Morganford haunt-- clean and modern, but definitely with a neighborhood vibe. This is one to watch. And I'll definitely be back.

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